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Monoline Silent Weapons EP

Monoline - Silent Weapons Ep - Impact Mechanics [US] Kicks off with an enticing selection of reverbed hits, hi-hats, claps and thick synth stabs. Bass notes amp up the lower end, secure the foundation for the synths and the percussion provides the main atmosphere. An interesting early breakdown strips the track back and thickens out the synth work, which then adds new textures to the track. This continues with amazing remixes by Hurtado & My.Kon and Noetik & Def4z, really thickening and boosting the vibe on this release. Having listened to the majority of Impact Mechanics releases over the years, this one marks a continual, developing and evolving style. Solid distorted kicks holding down the fort, expressive synths and soundscapes grooving whilst a percussive core keeps the floor pounding. A must for those peak time hours.

Early Support from Len Faki, Arnaud Le Texier, Paco Osuna, Mr. Jones, DJ Hyperactive, Truncate, Sam Paganini, R. Hawtin, Sasha Carassi, Dan Curtin, XLR8R, Xpansul, Mr. Jones, Hiroko Yamamura, Xpansul, Niereich, Frank Kvitta, Noncompliant, Patrick DSP, YYYY, GRZ, Chris Von B. Kaputt, Eve Schwarz, detailed extase Advanced, ILLNURSE RAW AGENCY, Kendal Baird, Josh Mosely, Microdot, Yari Greco, Phonaut, Mark Angel, Detail Extase Advanced, Nemrac Syncretism and many others

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